Work tapes from the studio

3 old songs from the harddrive of my computer is now available on Spotify and other streaming services. I have chosen to call this work "Work tapes from the studio" just because that is what they are. I didnt have a plan to refine the recordings or the mix/mastering and therefore I decided to publish them for you to enjoy. I hope next time I publish my music I am able to call the album "Masterpiece". :-)





Since many years I have been using Logic. I try to stick to real instruments but due to limitations I use programmed drums, violins and keys. When recording audio is use a Steinberger UR44 and a Focusrite preamp for song recordings. I got a couple of microphones but I prefer my SE Electronics 2200T for most recordings. On the run I use a Line 6 Sonic Port VX and GarageBand.





I play my guitars and write songs as often as I can. I do not have any specific goal with my writing but having fun. If a song turns out good enough I might put some effort in getting it recorded and share it with the world. I do not believe in writing under pressure. A good song is born when you got something to say.


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